Oskar Jotenheimr

A young half-orcan male with a proud dwarven ancestry proving difficult to live up to...


Oskar stands as tall as the tallest dwarf and as short as the shortest orc. Powerfully built, he wears dwarven chainmail and carries a Maul, Flail, and twin handaxes—the very equipment his mother started out with many years ago.


“…and yet two things, I understand: the thrill of the hunt is exhilarating—satisfying the needs of my father’s blood—and that the taming of beasts is also exhilarating—satisfying the needs of my mother’s blood. The rest is simply confusing to me. My sweet dam, you understood this of me. You knew that all I did, I did to win your approval and that of my nobler cousins. I beg of your wisdom for in this I have none. Come back to me, mother, for I am lost without you…”

~ Soft words spoken over the unmarked grave of Ylva Leguheimr, dwarven war hero and mother to Oskar Jotenheimr


Oskar Jotenheimr

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